Monday, April 30, 2012

[ZN40K] Belial Conversion - part 7

Just a short little update as i'm EXTREMALY busy this days with all sorts of stuff.
I somehow did manage to squeze some hoby time here and there and this is the proggres on Belial, or to be more accurate on his base:

mr. Ork needs some love and i keep adding things to the base, also you can see some other projects in the pic :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

[ZN40K] Belial Conversion - part 6

just a little update but still an update, right?

Started painting the ork (the one in the back is from diffrent project, trying out diffrent skin styles)

Also, decals are done, as well as battle damage, altough i might still add some sponge chipping (but as I'm not completly sure i'd like some opinions)

Sword is still unfinished but at the moment i'm kinda lost as i don't have any good ideas what to do with it.

And a size comparison (again :P )

oh and btw - did some work on zaku, here is a sneak peak

Friday, April 6, 2012

[ZN40K] Belial Conversion - part 5

More painting done, quite enjoying working on him :)

I am realy happy with the shading/highlithing on the armor, still needs some work tough (mainly washes)

Decided to add some eye-candies, like lot's of texts and stripes on the gun

 Also trying to do more freehand - lots to learn and practice...

And here a "beta" of composition of his base, might change

 till next update!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Commander Kamm

Finished a certian secret project - a gift for my friend.
Must say this was a very fun project that again allowed me to advance my miniature skils.

This guy will soon embark on a journey to UK to meet his bigger version :P

enough talking i present thee

Commander Kamm