Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hazel II WIP 3 [T4]

done some work on a Hazel,

 first replaced backskirt thrusters with IC pins, here is a comparison shot:

also filled most of the seem lines and holes, worked on left shoulder and sniper rifle.
Actualy I like level of details on UC kits so I won't be adding more of them (also to save time)

didn't took any pics while working since it was just mostly sanding or filling so nothing to show, but here is state she's in now:

I had added e-caps to the rifle as well as second handle -from Overflag saber- and another sensor - from MG Strike rifle. Also detailed a little radar dish on the left shoulder.

Some shots with dual shield and Tri-Booster, damn shoulder sensor did not want to stay so it's not in these photos:

I'm going to add one more sensor unit, will be atached to Tri-Booster:

Needs a lot of work

And some funny stuff:

"Gahhh! What happend to my face!" - drawbacks of modifing for easier painting

"To be? Or not to be?"
 - SD F91 from Sangoukden and SD Liu Bei gundam face 
[extra part with Kanpei] borowed from my brother

Saturday, September 11, 2010


And here it is. Actualy I can't call this one completed. I got tired of this one and lack of motivation won over me. was this project too ambitious? I don't know.
This is just a hobby, but it is affected by my life. It's integral part of it. and If life den't go very well it's hard to motivate yourself. I have still few projects to finish and I want to start something fresh that's why I kinda rushed thi one.

Anyway here it is:

SD Kanpei - Update

not much to write about, simple painting, gold is laqer gold sprayed so I can use reverse wash later, on that goes clear green (wich I ran out off in the middle of painting -_-, will have to improvise later) basicaly still getting a feel of airbrushing, quite fun, only bad thing is my ultra loud comppresor that can be quite scary, but I'm used to it by now.
enough talikng, I'm kinda sick so may the pics show you more

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

long time no update, huh?

I think if someone was to describe my blog the most distinctive feature would be radnom updates, sometimes I write every day and some times there is a month without update... oh well... suprisngly there are still people reading this. Thank You All!

this time a little diffrent update:

But wait! there is more:

Kanpei has been modded and primed and then painted with gold laqeur paint (pics of that later) for now I have this:

'till the next one!