Welcome... to the FUTURE (kinda)

Oh boy. Did I mess up my december thingy... But guys belive me - that was one HELL of a month. And so here we are in the future, the amazing year 2014, will it be any good?
Let's just hope it won't be worse than the last one, and we will be good.

Anyways the MG F91 is progressing nicely altough slow.... very slow even. So I have nothing to show.

And here is a brand new WIP to start the year (that's right boys and girls - ANOTHER ONE)
It is - HGUC (or HGAW if you want to be specific) Gundam X.

Nope, it ain't mine - would just like to point that one out there. It was a gift to my brother a long time and he wanted me to make some mods and put on a fresh paintjob on it. Of course I couldn't refuse. How could I? Would any of you?

Now there was a few things we had to decide on as some parts got broken/lost. Thanks to that - all of the solar panels are gone, instead there is moar guns, as you can never go wrong with more guns, a new shield, some stabilizers here and there. After taht - a lot of practice in scribing and then some pla-plates to top it off. I'd be quite happy with what I've done if not for the fact i now have to symetricaly do the other side :/ But that's kinda the way of things...

So let me just show you some pics:

Needz a LOT more work... methinks, sadly you can't see half the scribing on the white parts...
Till the next one!


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