MG F91 - WIP2

I've managed to do some work on the F91, currently focusing on the torso area.
The sad part is i'm not exactly sure where did I put the drytransfers.. and as I don't have any aftermarket specific decals I will propably either skip them or try to freehand but I don't think they will be needed.
As fot the decals i'm usuing - I've got some HIQPARTS decals wich are fantastic, And so far those are the only waterslides that I have with yellow ones, aside from that i'm using some warning decals i've got from Kamm back in the day.

Nothign much else to say here, so I will just show the pictures :]
Also please note that those pics were taken via Phone camera (HTC Desire X) and while still pretty good quality, they are much much worse than last batch that i've posted - wich were taken with my camera (Benq GH600)


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