hi guys

So yeah, this time i really outdid myself in terms of updates, or lack thereof to be more precise...

I know it's just the first of december but so far '13 wasn't a kind year for me. It could still change, if we were living in a perfect world, but as you might imagine - we're not.

Anyway i had a lot of stuff to deal with this year, most important being univeristy, the car accident, dealing with lyme disease, unstable job situation and a bunch of smaller stuff as well.
Wich is why you might have not seen me as often as used to. And that wasn't taht often to beging with....

But i'm back.
For how long? Who the fuck knows. :)

The thing is I just decided i have to change few things in my life, mostly the fact that i became o lot more lazy, mostly due to general bad mood, and i hope that maintaning a blog will get me back on tracks. To achive that I plan will try to post somethign everyday. yeah... right, if that's ever gonna happen...
But i will give it my best shot, so you can expect some WIP posts, some posts with finsihed stuff, i don't really feel comfortable with writing a tutorial - as I do feel quite a bit rusty, but anything is subject to change...

There will be also some posts with my general toughts on things, suc as modeling in general, forums and stuff like that.

So that one was a short one but let's hope it will be the begining of something wonderfull

c ya soon!


  1. Welcome back. I was wondering where you went. Sorry about the tough year. It happens to all of us. Try not to take life too seriously though - no one gets out alive anyway ;) Looking forward to some more hobby from you in 2014!


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