and so it continues (for now)

December the 2nd,
and so far i'm writing a post everyday! (wich means 2 so far but let's keep quite about that).

Nothing much today as i don't have any pictures to share, that should hopefully change tomorow.
What will be on those pictures?
Who the hell knows.
Propab;y the stuff i'm working on right now, altough i don't like using the word "work" as that makes me think of job/work and something you do becasue you have to, not beacuse you WANT to. You might like, or even love your job, but in the end it's just that - a job.
And when you work in a toxic enviroment, with unstable and very dark future you don't exactly want to asociate that with what you do for fun.
So my current projects that i hope to show tomorow are 2 gunpla kits. Yes i know i have a shitton of minis that don't need much to be finished, and some scale models i started and lots and lots of other stuff, but who cares....

Those 2 projects would be 1/144 Geara Zulu done in a Borderlands-esque style, wich is pretty close to being done and MG F91 Gundam. That one i just started but as it was cleaned and ready for a long time, it's just a simple paintjob, nothing fancy, just a relaxation project.

I'd love to talk about a few more things  - like this year Modeling Contest in my local area, in wich I did win, and that was 3rd year in a row wich makes me extremaly happy. Also first time in Figures category, mostly cause i didn't have time to do any dioramas.
But that and other stuff will have to wait for another day as i'm really tired and i should get some sleep

Till the next one!


  1. Yo! cool to see you back on track. I will need to get my self back n the hobby and blogging. And yes 2013 sucks balls but not in a good way.


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