Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Library Update & X-bone WIP 1

Library UPDATE:

mOOvie manga - manga of the Awekning of the Trailblazer

Model Graphic 12/2010
Because I'am working on Crossbone Gundam currently I tagged all (I think) pics related to crossbone in library just search for "crossbone"
also there is a X-bone WIP album with pics I found most usefull (at least to me)

BUT that's not the end!
I uploaded all of Crossbone Manga scanlated by Zeonic Corps (BIG thx!), I will try to look for Skull Heart Manga and Steel Seven.

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6

I think It's a good time to work on Your Crossbones :)

Now to my Crossbone

First thing first I'm a great fan of Crossbone Gundam, I realy liked the manga and mecha designs. Ver. Ka is one of my fav kits - even knowing that it has some problems - in the end model kit for me is not a toy it's more of a  display piece IMO.
Now, there is so many versions of Crossbone that you definitly have to think wich one to do. For me this decisons wasn't obvious, Personaly I like X3 The most, but having Ver. Ka kit the main problem in converting it would be Muramasa Blaster, not that it would be hard to scratchbuild (maybe a little) - but I'm quite fond of the verision in Full Cloth kit so I will use that one for eventual conversion in the distant future...
Then There is X2 wich is very nice or even better X2 Kai, I love the BFG it carries (and it's a very powerfull weapon in G Generation games) and red eyes and overall dark colour scheme, BUT it was done so many times that I would have to try really hard to make mine stand out while still being faithfull to original.
So what "left" is X1, don't get me wrong there is so many versions of X1 that you can definitly find something for Yourself: X1, X1 Kai, X1 Kai Kai, Skull Heart, Patchwork, also there is one version I can't remeber name, IIRC it was Patchwork repaired on earth with aditional equipment - a hook on a forearm and something more. And thre is Full Cloth. And a lot of other versions wich you can see in my Library.

Personaly Idecided to go with X1 Ver Ka wich is slightly diffrent from Master Grade Version:

You can see that this one doesn't have heat daggers in lower legs ( I don't know if they are still deployable from feets but I assume not) instead there are thrusters , aditional antenae on the head, a liitle diffrent chest shape - not as round and the center of X verniers is diffrent ( I instead of - ) a little difrently shaped thrusters on the upper arms, Screw whips on the backsirt aren't present, but it still has Scissor Anchors on the front. also I can't see hardpoints for weapons on side skirst (they are present od diffrent drawings) but it's just may be Katoki laziness :P

Now there is also one ilustration I rely like made by Yanase Takayuki:

I like the color on X1 Chest and will try to copy those extra panel lines.

I'm still thinking of colour scheme but here are 2 ideas:

I'm leaning more towoards second one with 2 tones of white(not pictured) and  the dark blue replacing the red even tough on monitor I'm working on right now (at work..) it looks like purple, or instead of blue using yellow/orange. We will see...

Now for the actual WIP:

Istarted from the legs:
Cutted white pices in to 3 segments along the panel line, for easier painting and modification, and added mesh to the underside of thrusters, and glued the side parts to the handle of heat dagger, I still need to somehow make the thrid thruster.

also did some work on the head - scratch builed antenae from 2mm styrene beam and Throne shoulder fin:

This will be all for now...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SD Kanpei

Hi guys!
Newest finished kit: SD BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanpei.
I did this one for SD  contest on M.A.C. Forums.
Extended arms, legs,waist. Added torso joint, sharpened head crest/V-fin, gold is painted using laquer spray paint, on thop of that Tamiya clear green, to get gold details I used reverse wash, In the end I think that handpainting those bits would be better idea... Handpainted the eyes using metalic blue extracted from Gundam Marker and Tamiya acrylics. Many many layers of future to the gloss I wanted.

Pictures time!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi guys!
A little update on evrything.
Exia HBFS is progressing slowly, no real pics to show, expect some next week tough. I've been kinda busy working on other project - SD Kanpei. He is alresy painted and gloos coated (a LOT of coats) and I have to say that I realy like the way he looks right now. Learned a few thing with this kit - won't be trying reverse wash for a long time. It may work better with enamel as a base but with laquer paint not so much. I so much more prefer just to handpaint all those small details... wich I did on colours other than gold. Another thing, quite wierd as well - when I was glos coating it with future in some places future washed off acrlic paint - but only metalic gray...

Anyway will be working on dio for it soon.

This also my first day at new job :D was unumployed for 3 and half month. It's again a training job - so it's only temporary and payment isn't big... but still something...
This time I'm working in a PC Hardware shop. Hope to learn many new things...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exia time! part 10 [Exia HBFS]

Comtinuing from where I left off - Exia time! part 4

I know I said there won't be any heavy mods, but that was in the middle of april...
Now exia would look to much like Qan[T] so decided to to go all out. I got inspirition from a song, wonder if you can guess what song :P I will give you a hint - look at the name. 

Most of waht you will see below is blu-tacked, altough the head and sword mount will stay the way they are

Still I need your help guys - should I add a V-fin? 
Other question is paint job - I think of using gray and purple/violet but what 3rd colour to use? 

anyway enough talking, it's time for photos!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi evryone!
just a lil update, currently tring to finish SD Kanpei before deadline ( at least once...) then will move to some older WIPs that I strated:
HG Kyrios
HG Exia
NG Providence

or so is my dream. in the mean time I will do some military kits and try to finish snapping AC.

Waiting for a reply from italian BAKUC 2010 sponsor, I asked them if international entries are allowed if so I will be building something totaly diffrent - it's a secret for now :P

as you can see I changed the blog a tiny little bit...

it's realy late when I'm writing this so about time to catch some Z's...

till the next time!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hazel II [Recon]

Finaly completed.
My first airbrushed kit, will be a part of bigger dio but for now here it is: